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Medford Police Policy on Immigration and Enforcement

In the spring of 2018, the City of Medford and the Medford Police enacted a new set of policies to guide how the Medford Police interact with immigrants in the community and to clarify limits on collaboration with federal immigration agencies. These policies will help ensure the safety of all Medford community members, regardless of immigration status. You can read the full policy here, and two-page summaries at the links below.

Local and national advocacy organizations

Legal resources

Housing and the environment


Health care

How to be a good ally to immigrants in your community: 

Examples from other cities


Medford outreach

  • Safe Medford has been reflecting on the “teaching moment” presented to our city when a private conversation between elected officials was made public. With humility and deep care for our beloved community and all who call it home we offer this public statement in response. Safe Medford seeks to support and to serve and we ask that you thoughtfully consider the statement in that spirit.

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